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#WeAreNotAlone People’s Assembly – November 16, 2016

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Fifty people attended our very first People’s Assembly held a week after the 2016 elections. This initial event was a response to Trump’s election, and we spent our time answering three questions:

  • What’s Going On?
  • What Does It Mean for Northeast TN?
  • What Do We Want to Do in Response?

Many attendees arrived anxious, nervous, upset, and angry over the election results and what it would mean for them and their communities. Our first two questions allowed us to talk those things out, but the empowering moment came when we moved onto question three and filled three poster boards with things we wanted to make happen to protect and serve the people of this area.

What Do We Want - Brainstorming with the Northeast TN People's Movement

What is our community response to white supremacy and hate? We build, we take care of each other and we use people power to to protect and defend our communities.

Many who attended came feeling powerless and left assured that things could be done, and they could be done by us and those around us. We agreed to continue these events, and scheduled the next one for December 2nd. Keep an eye on our calendar for dates, times, and locations of upcoming events, and follow our Facebook page to keep up to date on what other communities, organizations, and movements are working on to protect our democratic rights, our safety, and our communities in the face of a Trump presidency.

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