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#WeAreNotAlone People’s Assembly – December 2, 2016

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Huge thanks to everyone who participated in last night’s meeting! Here’s a little run-down on what we did.

First we looked over the things we said we wanted to do in the first meeting, with those things rearranged into themes.

A few of the things we said we wanted to do last time didn’t really fit the themes because they were more strategies than goals. At the first meeting, those “strategies” tended to revolve around electoral politics, but there are other kinds of strategies for power too. I listed some examples at the meeting (they’re in the photo).

Then we went back to the themes, most of which felt like a response to the anxiety of the election results, but our communities have been facing a lot of other problems too, so we got out more poster board and filled three of them with some of those struggles. Most of these struggles cut across voting (and non-voting) lines; they’re not just “liberal” interests. While it sucks that anyone has to deal with these obstacles, it’s good that it affects such a broad range of people because we’re going to need those people if we’re going to get these things changed.

After that, we went back to the themes from the first meeting again, this time to convert them into three working groups: Empowerment Skills Building, Public Education, and Community Support and Outreach. Everyone gathered into the group that most interested them, and the groups got to work talking about what kinds of things they could do and when they wanted to get together for their first group meeting.

If you weren’t at the event last night and you would like join one of the groups (you can check out the general idea of what each group might cover in the photos), either message our Facebook page or contact us through this website, and I’ll put the anchor in charge of that group’s first meeting in touch with you so you can get the date and location and also get added to whatever communication threads/group/list the group is setting up to keep in touch.

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