Building a Movement for a Better Tennessee


The following projects have come out of the Northeast TN People’s Movement so far:

Appalachian Liberation Library

Located in downtown Johnson City, TN, this free community lending library features sections on Appalachia, labor history and organizing, social movements and social issues, political theory, and more, plus selected works of fiction and a section of children’s books. Library cards are free. Visitors can also read magazines and pamphlets in the libraries comfy second-hair chairs, or hang around for interesting discussion.

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The Workers Alliance of Northeast Tennessee

The Workers Alliance produces educational handouts on worker rights in Tennessee, holds weekly worker support and organizing meetings, and is currently conducting a survey on working conditions in Northeast Tennessee. (If you live or work in NE TN, please consider taking the survey and sharing the link—thanks!). The Workers Alliance is currently working on 501(c)(3) status and is also putting together workshops for workplace organizing.

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Skills Building Working Group

The Skills Building Working Group aims to provide skills training for organizers and communities, both by bringing outside trainers and workshops to Northeast TN and by developing their own. Get more information at